Nutritious and healthy food was supplied to the in-patients of the hospital according to the daily needs of the patients obtained through the indents from the various wards, blood bank etc. On an average the Department of Dietetics has supplied 1300 diets per day to the in-patients of the hospital during 2011-12.

Types of diets prepared

  • Normal Diet
  • Fluid Diet
  • Soft Diet
  • Bland Diet
  • Salt Restricted Diet
  • High CHO Diet
  • High Protein Diet
  • High CHO, Low Protein Diet
  • High CHO, Low Fat Diet
  • Low Fat Diet
  • High Fiber Diet
  • Diabetic Diet
  • High Protein plus Special Diet for Burns Patients
  • Special Diet for paying patients
  • Uraemic Diet (Low Protein Diet)
  • Low Residue Diet.

(All these diets are prepared based on NIN of ICMR)

Academic Services Provided

  • Conducting regular Nutrition Classes for B.Sc., Nursing I year students with 2 weekly practical classes.
  • Number of nursing students trained in the year 2011-2012 - 75
  • 1 month Internship training for Post-Graduate students for each academic year

No. of students - 22 from Pondicherry University 5 from Bharathidasan Women’s College