Department of Medical Education

  1. Attitude of Health Profession Teachers and Students towards E-learning (2010-13)
    1. Principal Investigator: Z. Zayapragassarazan
    2. Co-investigator: Santosh Kumar
  2. Workplace-based formative assessment as an educational tool (2011-13)
    1. Principal Investigator: Kadambari D
    2. Co-investigators: Latha Chaturvedula, Santosh Kumar, Zayapragassarazan. Z
  3. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Usage pattern in learning activities among Medical and Paramedical students in Puducherry. (2012-2016)
    1. Principal Investigator: Z. Zayapragassarazan
    2. Co-investigators: Santosh Kumar, K.T. Harichandrakumar, Ajit Sahai
  4. Content Evaluation of Theory Question Papers in JIPMER. (2012-till date)
    1. Principal Investigator: Z. Zayapragassarazan
    2. Co-investigators: Gitanjali Batmanabane
  5. Critical Thinking Skills and Attitude Towards Critical Thinking Among the Interns in JIPMER (2015-2017)
    1. Principal Investigator: Z. Zayapragassarazan
    2. Co-investigators: Gitanjali Batmanabane
  6. A crossover randomized controlled trial comparing live lecture and lecture podcast (2018)
    1. Principal Investigator: Santosh Kumar
    2. Co-investigators: D. Kadambari, Z. Zayapragassarazan
  7. Assessment of problem-solving skills of MBBS freshers (2016-2019)
    1. Principal Investigator: Santosh Kumar
    2. Co-investigators: D. Kadambari, Z. Zayapragassarazan


Department Manuals

  1. Medical Education - Principles and Practice - Second Edition   - Medical Education – Principles and Practice – a reference book published by JIPMER NTTC Alumni Association and popular among the Medical Teachers is available for sale. Interested medical teachers and institutions may send a crossed DD for Rs.325/- (including postal charges) in favour of Alumni Association of NTTC, JIPMER, payable at SBI, Puducherry, towards the cost of a single book to Secretary, JIPMER NTTC Alumni Association, C/o. Dept. of Medical Education, JIPMER, Puducherry-605 006.
  1. Effective Educational Practices in Health Profession Education
    (A collection of educational projects completed by
    NTTC Alumni from 2006 to 2013) 
    Download link: Click Here !
  1. Interns Orientation Programme Manual
    Download link: Click Here!
  2. PG Orientation Programme Manual
    Download link: Click Here!
  3. Tamil for Medicos Click Here!
  4. MEDUCON Abstract Book - link: Click here !
  1. NTTC Bulletin – Archives link: Click here !

Faculty Publications


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Journal Articles

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