Patient care Services

OPD Services & Tumour Clinic:

DAY OPD services Multidisciplinary board meetings and clinics
Monday Transplant Clinic  Paediatrics and late effects clinics Breast 
Tuesday  General Oncology  Chronic myeloid leukemia clinic 
Wednesday  General Oncology  Gynaecological Oncology 
Thursday  General Oncology  General multispecialty tumor board 
Friday  General Oncology  Onco path clinic (1st and 3rd Week) Orthopedic Tumor Clinic (2nd and 4th week) 

Out-Patient Services

OPD Services & Tumour Clinic:

Time: 9 AM onwards

DAY  OPD ( 9 AM onwards)  Tumour Clinic (2.30 PM Onwards 
Monday  Transplant Clinic  Surgery
Tuesday  General Oncology  Head & Neck 
Wednesday  General Oncology  Gynaec Oncology 
Thursday  General Oncology   
Friday  General Oncology  Onco path clinic (1st and 3rd Week) Ortho Tumor Clinic (2nd and 4th week) 


The department performs the following procedures for both out patients and in patients.

  • Bone marrow aspiration and biopsy
  • Central venous catheter insertion
  • Pleurocentesis and paracentesis
  • Intrathecal chemotherapy injection
  • Lumbar puncture


These are available from 2013 and currently functions within a 3 bedded fully equipped unit within the department. The program has a full time coordinator as well as dedicated nursing staff who are all well trained in various aspects of the care of these patients. Nearly 100 procedures have been completed till middle of 2018. Through the help of our coordinators and social workers, we help the patient to find funding for these expensive procedures and hence these services have reached the poorest of the society.


Our team of social workers, patient support nurses, coordinators, dieticians and doctors ensure that sufficient efforts are made towards addressing the quality of issues of all patients. We undertake efforts to improve their nutrition, their financial issues are addressed and logistics are provided for. In the last year, the department has successfully engaged with various NGOs and other social service organsisations for these activities. Notably a “home away from home” which allows long term stay for pediatric patients undergogin leukemia therapy has also started functioning.