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Out Patient Clinics run by Department of Nephrology, JIPMER

Out Patient Clinics run by Department of Nephrology
Clinic Days Timing Faculty Comments

Renal Clinic

Monday & Friday

8:30am onwards

Monday – Dr Sreejith Parameswaran & Dr Satish Haridasan

Friday – Dr P. S. Priyamvada

The ‘General Nephrology’ Clinic.

Open to all patients, direct registration possible, under MRD

Glomerular Diseases Clinic


10:00am to 1:00pm

Dr P. S. Priyamvada

Referral Clinic - registration only if referred from ‘Renal Clinic’ at JIPMER

Dedicated follow up clinic for all glomerular diseases, including conditions like Nephrotic syndrome, Lupus Nephritis, IgA Nephropathy etc.

Dialysis Clinic


10:00am to 1:00pm

Dr Sreejith Parameswaran & Dr Satish Haridasan

Referral Clinic - registration only if referred from ‘Renal Clinic’ at JIPMER

Dedicated follow up clinic for patients on maintenance haemodialysis and Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis as well as patients with renal failure being worked up for kidney transplantation at JIPMER and their kidney donors

Kidney Transplantation Clinic


10:00am to 1:00pm

Dr Sreejith Parameswaran & Dr Satish Haridasan

Referral Clinic - registration only if referred from ‘Renal Clinic’ at JIPMER

Dedicated Clinic for follow up of Kidney transplant recipients

In Patient Services:

  • General Ward
    • Male – 08 beds
    • Female – 08 beds
  • Special ward – 02 beds
  • Isolation rooms (Kidney Transplant recipients) – 03

Critical Care Nephrology:

  • Faculty in charge: Dr P. S. Priyamvada, Additional Professor of Nephrology
  • Infrastructure available:
    • Dialysis Unit, SS Block - ___sqm
    • Haemodialysis machines – 12
    • Dialysis water treatment plant
    • CRRT machines – 02
    • Portable RO plants – 02
    • Multiparameter Patient Monitors –
    • Infusion Pumps –
  • Services Offered:
    • Emergency Haemodialysis 24x7
    • Sustained Low Efficiency Dialysis (SLED)
    • Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT)
    • Therapeutic Plasma Exchange
    • Charcoal Haemoperfusion (Eg: In the treatment of poisoning)
    • Intermittent Peritoneal Dialysis

JIPMER Out Patient Haemodialysis Centre

  • Faculty in charge : Dr Sreejith Parameswaran, Additional Professor
  • A ‘State of the art’ haemodialysis centre in JIPMER campus
  • A project funded by the Member of Parliament’s Local Area Development (MPLAD) Fund and executed under the Public – Private Partnership Model
  • MPLAD fund provided by : Thiru P. Kannan, Member Parliament (Rajya Sabha) from Puducherry, 2010 – 2015
  • Inaugurated by Honourable L.G. Dr Kiran Bedi I. P. S. (Retd) on 30th November 2016 in the presence of Dr S. C. Parija, Director, JIPMER and Thiru P. Kannan, Ex. M. P. (Rajya Sabha)
  • Location : Old Curie House, JIPMER Campus
  • Total budget outlay : 6.7 crores
  • Private partner : Fresenius Medical Care Pvt Ltd (Formerly: Sandor Nephro Services Pvt Ltd)
  • Number of dialysis stations : 25
  • Special infrastructure at the dialysis centre:
    • State of the art water treatment plant (Aqua B Plus)
    • State of the art haemodialysis machines
    • Therapy Data Monitoring System (TDMS)
    • SICA scale
    • Body Composition Monitor
    • Mechanized dialysis reuse (renatron) and bar code enabled dialyzer storage and retrieval
  • Dedicated isolation dialysis facility for patients with blood borne infections (Hepatitis, HIV)
  • Offers dialysis treatment at a subsidized rate and free of cost under insurance schemes
  • Toll Free number: 18004251520
  • Full time availability of three doctors exclusively for the dialysis centre
  • Nephrologist visit twice a week
  • Services of a Dietician (Once a week)
  • Technical Supervisor for the JIPMER Out Patient Haemodialysis Centre - Mr A. K. Saravanan, Dialysis Technician, Dept. of Nephrology, JIPMER
  • Clinical Manager - Mr Ebin Thomas, Fresenius Medical Care
  • Senior Dialysis Technician - Mr Prabhakaran, Fresenius Medical Care
  • Staff strength at present:
    • Clinical Manager - 01
    • Senior Dialysis Technician - 01
    • Dialysis Nurse - 05
    • Dialysis Technicians - 04
    • Housekeeping staff - 04
    • Front Office / Receptionist – 01
  • Dr K. Premarajan, Project coordinator, JIPMER and Mr Suryanaraynan, Executive engineer, CPWD (Civil) and Mr Francis (Electrial Engg, HLL) played significant roles in the project execution and commissioning of the project.
  • The project was conceived to serve as a model for execution of such projects under PPP (public private partnership) model, offering the best possible quality of patient care services at an affordable price, making life saving treatment of dialysis accessible to even the poorest of the poor.
  • The project work commenced in April 2016 and was completed by November 2016
  • The dialysis centre, named 'JIPMER Out Patient Haemodialysis Centre' started dialysis operations from 5th December 2016.
  • The JIPMER Out Patient Haemodialysis Centre completed one year of successful operations by December 2017
  • Total number of patients taken up for haemodialysis till 31st December 2017 - 124
  • Total number of dialysis treatments performed till 31st December 2017 - 6950 sessions
  • Total number of patients on regular haemodialysis treatment at the centre as on 31st December 2017 - 90
  • Average number of dialysis treatments performed per month at present = 840 sessions
  • At present 90 patients are undergoing regular dialysis at the centre. Out of these, 37 are from Puducherry, 45 are from Tamil Nadu and 8 are from other states like Kerala, Orissa and West Bengal.
  • At present the dialysis centre is operating in two shifts. A third shift is expected to be opened within a couple of months. Once the three shifts are operational, more than 120 patients shall be receiving regular, lifelong haemodialysis from the dialysis centre at JIPMER.

Peritoneal Dialysis Program:

  • Faculty in charge : Dr Satish Haridasan, Assistant Professor
  • One of the largest Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD) program in the region
  • Bedside placement of Tenckhoff catheter by the Nephrologist
  • Counselling and training of the patients and care givers by in house dialysis staff
  • Azhagiya Ulakil Sila Sadhanai Natchathirangal (A video documentary on JIPMER’s experience with PD in an underprivileged population): Video Link

Kidney Transplantation Unit

Faculty in charge (Nephrology) :   Dr Sreejith Parameswaran, Additional Professor & Dr Satish Haridasan, Assistant Professor


  • A combined service of Depts. of Nephrology, Urology and Anaesthesiology & Critical Care
  • First Kidney transplantation operation performed on 3rd March 2012
  • First Deceased (Cadaver) donor kidney transplantation performed on 5th December 2013
  • A self-sufficient program, complete with renal pathology (dept of Pathology), advanced virology diagnostic services (Dept of Microbiology), Radio Nuclide imaging (Dept of Nuclear Medicine), Therapeutic monitoring of drug levels by LCMS (Dept of Pharmacology) etc.
  • Dedicated team of renal transplant coordinators and trained nurses
  • Has performed more than 155 kidney transplantation operations till February 2018

Yearly statistics of Living donor and Deceased Donor Kidney Transplantation at JIPMER

  • Total number of Kidney Transplantation operations performed :154
  • Total number of Patients underwent Kidney transplantation : 154
  • Total number of patients surviving at present after Kidney transplantation at JIPMER :122
  • Total number of patients who died with a function graft :19
  • Total number of patients who had graft loss (and surviving on dialysis) : 13

Deceased Donor Transplantation Program at JIPMER:

  • The deceased donor transplantation program at JIPMER was pioneered by the Kidney transplantation team
  • First Deceased donor organ harvesting and transplantation was performed on 5th December 2013
  • Total number of deceased donors from whom organs and tissues has been harvested at JIPMER, till December 2017: 33
  • The JIPMER Deceased Donor Transplantation Committee:
    • Dr Ashok Shankar Badhe, Medical Superintendent – Chairman
    • Dr Sreejith Parameswaran, Additional Professor & Head, Nephrology and Nodal Officer, NOTTO – Member secretary
    • Dr L. N. Dorairajan, Professor of Urology - Member
    • Dr Anita Rustagi, Additional Medical Superintendent – Member
    • Dr M. J. E. Ambroise, Additional Medical Superintendent – Member
    • Dr Sandeep Kumar Mishra, Additional Prod, Anaestehsiology & Critical Care – Member
    • Dr Sai Chandran, Additional Professor & Head, CTVS – Member
    • Dr Santosh Satheesh, Additional Professor, Cardiology – Member
    • Dr Biju Pottakkat, Additional Professor & Head, SGE – member
    • Dr Ramesh Babu, Additional Professor & Head, Ophthalmology – Member
    • Dr Kusa Kumar Shaha, Additional Professor & Head, Forensic Medicine – Member
    • Dr Pradeep Nair, Additional Professor & Head, Neurology – Member
    • Dr Dinesh Kumar, Additional Professor & Head, Plastic Surgery – member
    • Dr A. S. Ramesh, Associate Professor, Neurosurgery – Member
    • Dr Pazhanivel Mohan, Associate Professor, MGE – Member
    • Dr R. Venkateswaran, Associate Professor, Medicine – Member
    • Mr Hawa Singh, Administrative Office – Member
    • Mr M. Krishna Rao, Law Officer – Member
    • Shanthi Tamilmani, Chief Nursing Offcier – Member
    • A. K. Saravanan, Transplant Coordinator – Member

A Video   Documentary of Kidney Transplantation facilities at JIPMER: Click Here

Interventional Nephrology Service:

Faculty in charge : Dr Satish Haridasan, Assistant Professor

The following procedures are regularly performed at the department of nephrology, JIPMER

  1. Placement of temporary Haemodialysis catheter
  2. Placement of tunneled, cuffed (permanent) haemodialysis catheter
  3. Placement of Tenckhoff’s (CAPD) catheter at the bedside
  4. Placement of temporary peritoneal Dialysis catheter
  5. Biopsy from the native kidney under ultrasound guidance
  6. Biopsy from the graft (transplanted) kidney under ultrasound guidance

Equipment available in the Department of Nephrology:

  • Haemodialysis machines – 37 (Critical Care Nephrology – 12, JIPMER OP HD Centre 25)
  • Portable water treatment plants: 03 (Fresenius)
  • CRRT Machine (02, Fresenius – MultiFiltrate)
  • Ultrasound Machine (02 – Colour Doppler with vascular probe)
  • Body composition monitor (02 – Fresenius)
  • C Arm (01)
  • Multiparameter patient monitor (14)
  • Infusion pumps (10)
  • ABG machine (03)
  • Renatron (03)
  • Deep Freezer (-80 : 01, -40 : 02)
  • Microscope (02)
  • Centrifuge (02)