In-Patient Services

Isolation wards for high dose radionuclide therapy are in the process of being made available in the near future.

Out-Patient Services

Investigations performed in our department on appointment basis are:

  • Bone scan (MDP)
  • Diuretic renal dynamic scan (EC / DTPA)
  • GFR by plasma clearance method
  • Renal transplant evaluation
  • Captopril Renal study
  • DMSA renal cortical scan
  • DRCG for VUR
  • Hepato-biliary scintigraphy (HIDA)
  • Brain SPECT/CT (ECD or GHA)
  • Salivary scintigraphy
  • Tc99m Thyroid scan and uptake
  • Radio-iodine uptake
  • Radio-iodine (I-131) whole body scan for CA thyroid
  • Meckel’s scan
  • MUGA for LVEF
  • Myocardial perfusion scan (Stress-Rest) - Exercise / Dobutamine / Adenosine
  • Myocardial viability assessment - Nitrate-augmented MIBI
  • Parathyroid scan
  • MIBI tumour imaging
  • HYNIC-TOC somatostatin receptor scintigraphy
  • MAA Lung perfusion scan
  • Lymphoscintigraphy
  • Liver spleen scan
  • Gastric emptying
  • GE reflux (Milk scan)
  • RBC labeled study for GI bleed
  • Oesophageal Transit study
  • Lacrimal scintigraphy
  • Testicular scan
  • Cisternography
  • MIBG scan

The following scans are done only on the mentioned days of the week:

Myocardial perfusion scans, MIBI tumour imaging, Parathyroid scans - Mondays

Bone scans - Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

Brain perfusion and tumour imaging - Thursdays

Renal scans (DTPA, EC, DMSA) - Fridays

Lymphoscintigraphy, Gastric emptying - Saturdays

Some of the therapeutic procedures routinely performed on OPD basis in our department are:

  • I-131 therapy for thyrotoxicosis
  • Low dose I-131 (up to 30 mCi) thyroid remnant ablation for differentiated thyroid cancers of follicular origin
  • Radio-isotope therapy (Samarium-153 EDTMP) for bone pain palliation
  • Radiation synovectomy

You may contact the department for further details and for inquiry of any other procedure not mentioned in the list above.

A dual-headed gamma camera and a PET/CT scanner is in the process of being procured.