• Research is carried out mainly as Dissertation for MS
  • Collaborative Research with other departments of basic and clinical sciences is undertaken
  • Faculty also undertake independent research projects
  • HRRC (Human Reproduction Research Centre) is established in the department in the year 1982 undertakes various Projects of ICMR
  • Research output 2011-2015 is shown below

The current research Projects are as follows:

Jan 2016

S. No.

Name of the PG student in Obst&Gynae.




Dr. Monica T 

Prenatal grading of CHD and its influence on decision  making during pregnancy & postnatal period

Dr. Mamatha


Dr.Ashika K M

Evaluation of Rfix of endometrial malignancy (REM) system in predicting the risk of endometrial malignancy



Dr.Sree Bharathi

Efficacy of oral tramadol for reducing pain associated with outpatient diagnostic hysteroscopy

Dr. Dilip


Dr.Rajalakshmi I

Correlation of grade, myometrial invasion and LVSI with lymphnode metabasis in early endometrial cancer

Dr. Veena


Dr. Thendral

Factors predicting maternal outcome in pregnancy specific liver disease – descriptive study

Dr. Sasirekha


July 2016 batch

  1. 1. Correlation of HPV DNA and p16/ ki67 expression in women with cervical dysplasia - Dr Anupama Sekhar
  2. Cardiovascular complications and pregnancy outcome in women with Congenital Heart Disease(CHD) : Cohort Study - Dr Ashwini R
  3. Distribution of fetal anomalies according to ICD 10 classification for fetal anomalies and chromosomal defects: Adescriptive study - Dr Godipelli Laxmi
  4. Maternal and fetal outcomes in women with triad of diabetes, hypertension and hypothyroidism - Dr Deepthi
  5. Cardiovascular complications and pregnancy outcome in women with rheumatic heart disease:Cohort Study - Dr Jyoti Baghel
  6. Robson ten group classification system( RTGCS) of caesarean sections and association of severe acute maternal morbidity (SAMM) : A Cross Sectional Study - Dr Kanmani
  7. Clinico-investigative profile of fertile and infertile women with hirsutism: Cross sectional analytical study - Dr Monica Reddy
  8. The effect of laparoscopic cystectomy on ovarian reserve: prospective clinical study - Dr Sireesha
  9. Fetal anatomical survey by extended examination with transvaginal sonography and color doppler during first trimester aneuploidy screen. - Dr Sushanthi
  10. Comparison of RMI versus ROMA in early detection of ovarian malignancy. - Dr Sandhya
  11. Induction of labour with Foley's catheter in women with previous one caeserean section with unfavourable cervix. - Dr Ramya

Jan 2017 batch

Dr Sharda-Ectopic pregnancy clinical profile and outcome in a tertiary care centre.

Dr Neethu-Comparison of unidirectional and bidirectional barbed suture in vaginal cuff closure during total laparoscopic hysterectomy-A Randomized Controlled Trial.

Dr Shameena- Comparison of blood loss between hydrodissection and conventional dissection in vaginal surgery for pelvic organ prolapse- A Randomized Controlled Trial.

Dr Vinodhini-Selected microbial profile of the lower genital tract of women with endometrial cancer, hyperplasia and benign gynaecological disease- A cross sectional study.

Dr Madhuri MS- The effect of endometrial scratching on pregnancy rate after failed intrauterine insemination- A Randomized Controlled Trial.

Dr Madhuri K- Extra amniotic saline instillation versus combination of oral mifepristone and vaginal misoprostol for 2nd trimester of pregnancy in women with previous one Caesarean Section.

Dr Lekha-Maternal to perinatal outcome in early onset severe preeclampsia before 28 weeks of gestation-Observational study.

Dr Devika-Pregnacy outcome in women with chronic kidney disease – a matched observational study. 

Dr Neha Sunil Loharkar- Expression of CD47 and its treatment response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in patients with advanced ovarian malignancy.


July 2017 batch

Dr.Sonal Garg:  Comparative study of etiological factors of first one early pregnancy loss with that of recurrent pregnancy loss.

Dr.Binu Dayal: Clinico- pathological correlation in patients undergoing radical hysterectomy for stage IA2-IIA carcinoma cervix- An observational study.

Dr.Sivaranjini M: Triple negative epithelial ovarian carcinoma and its clinico-pathological characteristics- A cross sectional study.

Dr. D Silpa Reddy: Pregnancy rates with IUI among women undergoing ovarian stimulation with letrazole alone or in combination with rFSH- A randomized controlled trial.

Dr.Arthi T: Oral misoprostol vs EASI for induction of labour in hypertensive disorders of pregnancy- A randomised controlled trial.

Dr.Madhuvanti K: Bacteriological profile of semen and its association with semen parameters in male partners of infertile couples- A cross sectional analytical study.

Dr.Deepthi Yedla: Comparison of efficacy of letrazole with HMG and CC with HMG for ovulation induction in CC resistant PCOS women

Dr.Chaithanya SV: Clinico-demographic profile of male partner of infertile couples in a tertiary care centre- A descriptive study

Dr.Prajwal M: Pregnancy outcome in women with SLE- A matched observational study

Dr. Monisha JP: Effect of time interval between a single course of prophylactic antenatal corticosteroid and delivery on reduction of respiratory morbidity in preterm twins.


Ongoing –Faculty Research Projects

  1. Outcome of pregnant women with pulmonary hypertension – retrospective study
  2. Biventricular cardiac function in women with early onset preeclampsia
  3. Effect of atenolol on fetal growth in pregnant women in RHD


  1. Effect of Timing of Insertion of Puerperal Intrauterine Contraceptive Device CuT380A on Expulsion Rates
  2. Determinants of obstetric near miss and outcome at 12 months – prospective study
  3. Does improving the quality of antenatal counseling and postnatal lactation support increase the exclusive breastfeeding rates among primi mothers – A randomized controlled trial

International Collaborative Projects:


  1. STRIDE- Ethnic specific risk stratification in early pregnancy for identifying mothers at risk of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) in India-started –2017 In collaboration with Dr. Ponnusamy Saravanan,Associate Clinical Professor & Consultant Physician,Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism,Warwick Medical School, University of Warwick,UK
  1. LIVING Study-Life Style Intervention Programme for the prevention of Type II DM in South Asian women with Gestational Diabetes in association with Department of Endocrinology, JIPMER funded by ICMR, India and NHRMC Australia, under Research Call on Diabetes by GACD (Global Alliance on Chronic Diseases)


  1. TB IN PREGNANCY- INDO-US TB project, collaboration with department of PSM , JIPMER -Do you have a diagnosed or suspected Tuberculosis patient who is pregnant? The INDO-VAP team at JIPMER is looking for a study on the impact of pregnancy on tuberculosis.

Publication -last 3 years


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