The Department of Ophthalmology


Ongoing Faculty projects

  • Subashini Kaliaperumal: Extramural grant- ICMR for study titled “A multicentric hospital based study on epidemiology of Viral keratoconjunctivitis in India”.
  • Shashi Ahuja: Extramural grant- LADY TATA MEMORIAL TRUST for study titled “Analytical study of ocular surface changes in patients with chronic kidney disease undergoing dialysis”
  • Nirupama Kasturi: Oral doxycycline vs Azithromycin for Meibomian gland dysfunction.

Current Dissertations

  1. Higher Order Aberrations Among Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients with Retinopathy And Without Retinopathy And Healthy Controls: A Cross-Sectional Study. Guide: Dr. Ramesh Babu K
  2. Assessment of retinal nerve fibre layer and macular thickness by optical coherence tomography in patients receiving anti-tubercular treatment in a tertiary hospital. Guide: Dr. Nirupama Kasturi
  3. Ocular surface changes among adult type 2 diabetes mellitus patients and its correlation with tear film markers – a cross-sectional comparative study. Guide: Dr. Nirupama Kasturi
  4. Refractive outcomes following laser photocoagulation with frequency doubled Nd YAG laser 532 nm in severe retinopathy of prematurity. Guide: Dr. Nirupama Kastur
  5. Validation of standard patient evaluation of symptoms of dry eye (SPEED) questionnaire for evaluation of symptoms of dry eye disease in patients attending a tertiary care hospital. Guide: Dr. Ramesh Babu K
  6. Ocular changes in pregnant Indian women- a longitudinal study. Guide: Dr. Ramesh Babu K
  7. Clinical characteristics and surgical outcomes in congenital glaucoma. Guide: Dr.Subashini Kaliaperumal
  8. Association between anterior segment findings and retinal nerve fibre layer thickness in patients with pseudoexfoliation- a crosssectional comparative study. Nirupama Kasturi
  9. Patterns of ocular trauma and its associated factors among adult patients with road traffic accidents in a tertiary hospital in south india. Guide: Dr. Ramesh Babu K
  10. Assessment of stereopsis in pediatric and adolescent refractive errors – a cross sectional study. Guide: Dr. Nirupama Kasturi
  11. Influence of anxiety on performance of visual field testing by standard automated perimetryin patients with glaucoma. Guide: Dr.Subashini Kaliaperumal
  12. Assessment of etiology , clinical features and visual outcome in pediatric ocular trauma in a tertiary care centre. Guide: Dr. Ramesh Babu K
  13. Clinicomicrobiological profile and treatment outcomes in pediatric periorbital cellulitis. Guide: Dr. Nirupama Kasturi
  14. Glaucoma among adult patients with migraine – a hospital based comparative cross sectional study. Guide: Dr.Subashini Kaliaperumal
  15. Evaluation of changes in anterior segement morphology following peripheral iridiotomy using scheimpflug corneal topographer. Guide: Dr.Subashini Kaliaperumal
  16. Short term structural and functional ocular changes following panretinal photocoagulation. Guide: Dr. Ramesh Babu K