In-Patient Services

Patient care services :

A well equipped pulmonary ward with facilities for various interventions,

  1. Diagnostic and therapeutic thoracocentesis.
  2. Pleural biopsy and Lung FNAC/Biopsy.
  3. Non-invasive ventilators
  4. Invasive ventilator.
  5. Sleep Lab.
  6. Chest sonography and guided procedures.
  7. Bronchoscopy and thoracoscopy services.

    Fiber optic bronchoscope.

    Video Bronchoscope (TBNA, TBLB).

  8. Thoracoscopy using semi-rigid thoracoscope
  9. Pulmonary function Laboratory. a) Portable Spirometre. b) State of the art Spirometry and DLCo machine c) Skin testing for various allergens
  10. Pulmonary rehabilitation program.
  11. Designated Microscopic Centre (DMC) under Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme (RNTCP).

Out-Patient Services

Daily OPD service from Monday to Saturday (8:30AM-1:00 PM)

Respiratory allergy and Immunotherapy clinic on Friday afternoon 2:00PM

Pulmonary function testing on Tuesday 2:00PM.

Medical counseling for patients with chronic lung diseases (Tuberculosis, Asthma, Interstial lung diseases, occupational lung disease, Smoking cessation COPD, HIV and AIDS)

Chest Physiotherapy services for lung diseases are available.