To contact Main blood bank (OPD Block):

Phone numbers: 0413 -2296665, 0413-2296666

Technical Supervisor: 0413-2274812

To contact issue section (SS Block):

Phone number: 0413- 2297186

Assistant Professor: 0413-2297187

Department Office: 0413-2279219

For organizing voluntary blood donation camps and also to give feedbacks email to:

Department e-mail: admin[dot]transfusion[at]jipmer[dot]edu[dot]inbloodbank[dot]jipmer[at]gmail[dot]com

Asst. Professor's e-mail:

Dr. Rajendra G Kulkarni: drrgkulkarni[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in

Dr. B. Abhishekh: abhishekh[dot]b[at]jipmer[dot]edu[dot]indrabhigowda[at]gmail[dot]com