Undergraduate Research Monitoring Committee (UGRMC)


Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research (JIPMER) has been promoting research activities in medical sciences since its inception. With up gradation of JIPMER as an “Institution of National Importance” and consequent increase in faculty members and undergraduate students across all streams there has been a significant and continuing increase in research activity at all levels. The UG Research Monitoring Committee (UGRMC) was constituted on 10th January 2014. The purpose of UG Research Monitoring Committee is to increase the quality of undergraduate research, which is undertaken in JIPMER and encourage the students to publish it in reputed journals.


The undergraduate research proposals generated at JIPMER need to have the approval of a scientific committee before being submitted for an ethics committee for consideration. Under this process, UG Research Monitoring Committee will perform mainly the function of consideration of undergraduate research proposals for quality improvement and approval. After the approval the proposals will be referred to JIPMER Ethics Committee for consideration.

UG Research Monitoring Committee has following terms of references (TOR):

  1. To facilitate UG students in learning to think in innovative and creative ways.
  2. To facilitate UG students in understanding the link between research and patient care.
  3. To facilitate UG students to use and understand the relevance of using statistical methods and tools required.
  4. To facilitate UG students to understand the importance of teamwork in conducting research.
  5. To facilitate UG students in developing communication skills to present their research findings in various scientific platforms.


UG Research Monitoring Committee (UGRMC) Members:

UG Research Monitoring Committee (UGRMC) Members:
Sl. No Name Designation
1 Dr. Vishnu Bhat,Dean (Research), JIPMER Chairperson
2 Dr. D.M. Thappa,Faculty (Research) Member
3 Dr. M.G. Sridhar, Professor (Sr. Scale) & Head, Department of Biochemistry Member
4 Dr. BN. Harish, Professor & Head,Department of Microbiology Member
5 Dr. K. Srinivasan, Professor & Head, Department of Surgery Member
6 Dr. R. Raveendran, Professor & Head, Department of Clinical Pharmacology Member
7 Dr. Pankaj Kundra, Professor & Head, Department of Anesthesiology Member
8 Dr. GK. Pal, Professor,Department of Physiology Member
9 Dr. Sunil K Narayanan, Professor & Head, Department of Neurology Member
10 Dr. DKS. Subrahmaniyam, Professor, Department of Medicine Member
11 Dr. KC. Premarajan, Professor, & Head, Department of P & SM Member
12 Dr. Latha Chaturvedula, Professor,Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology Member
13 Dr. Debdatta Basu,Professor, Pathology Member- Secretary
14 Dr. B. Abhishekh, Assistant Professor, Department of Transfusion Medicine Assistant Member Secretary
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S. No. Title Downloads Publish Date
1 Reconstitution of Under Graduate Research Monitoring Committee Download (1.58 MB) pdf 13/01/2017